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By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2021/11

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Drum roll…..

We are excited to announce that the annual TaylorCare Initiative ‘Fivers 4 Survivors’ Day in partnership with The Freedom Hub has this year has raised over $13,000 to support the Survivor School at the Freedom Hub, a new record since the fundraiser’s creation in 2018.

TaylorCare Group is proud to partner and support the event and raise awareness and funds to end modern slavery.


Yes Human Trafficking and Modern day slavery happens in Australia.


Imagine living in a developing country given the promise of a better life in Australia if you come to be a cook or model. Once you arrive you are told you can trust no one not even the police, you are abused daily & often drugged to keep you working. you owe the traffickers money for flying you to Australia and accommodation, so you have no choice but to do the job told to you. If you dare leave or speak up the traffickers know where you are from now and say they will kill your family. So, you work endless hours & you never pay off the debt! 


Or you’re a mother or father raising kids in developing country you have no food or money to provide for your family. You have no choice but to sell one of your children to save the other kid’s otherwise you all might die. Children as young as 8 are trafficked around the world every day. 


This is reality for over 15,000 people known in Australia 🇦🇺 that we know of currently. So many more are in hiding in fear of their own wellbeing or their families if they reach out for help. 


Every 30 seconds someone is trafficked around the globe 🌍 


What would you do if this was your family member, friend, sibling? Would you do what you could to help them? 


I can tell you how you can help you can support the work of the FREEDOM HUB charity who run a survivor school for those effected by modern day slavery. 


Thank you for your donations, Australia together we can make a difference


If you missed giving, Please dig deep and donate to this worthy cause.


Small change BIG effect! 

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