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How to Build a Resilient Workforce

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2021/09

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Learn more from Kate Taylor on how you can retain your workforce.

I want to speak to you about how to build a resilient workforce post covid. I know this has been a year of all years in 2020 for employers and employees alike. If you are working you have worked harder then ever. If you’re a business owner you are working twice as hard to get a sale in. If you are an employer you are doing everything you can to retain your workforce so no one is out of a job. Now I understand this is going to take its toll and peoples mental health has been impacted greatly in so many different ways everyone I speak to in business in personal says they have been impacted in some way during this pandemic for good or bad. I guess I want to challenge you on how we move forward, how do we build a resilient workforce.

How do we build a team of people around us that can withstand the challenges of a pandemic and keep moving forward. Now this is a tricky one as we all struggle with mental health at different times and all the uncertainty around, all the changes, all the lockdowns, all the restrictions, it can mean that people that are normally be fine weren’t coping very well during stage 4 lockdown particularly those in Melbourne. I guess want to give you some pointers things that I have put in place and heard of from other companies that have helped them too. As an RUOK ambassador and business woman I hear stories everyday about this and how we can help our workforce. They ask me questions what can we do, how can we help them and I do a lot of talks around this stuff for workplaces which is great. I guess some of my tips that I do give them.

Tip 1: Offer training to your employees. It is said that 47% of companies during this year have offered their employees some kind of training or zoom webinars or eLearning for their employees around their mental health and mindfulness. This is critical and I believe this is the way of the future for employers in the workforce.

Tip 2: Offer some kind of counselling or EAP type service remotely. My business offers telehealth service to companies like this, so if this is something your employees need something where they can speak to someone on the phone on their own time in the comfort of their own home, why not engage with someone like myself to help you and your team at this time.

Tip 3: Encourage staff to get physical to get active, its so hard to get out of a routine when you have been at home for so long. Getting back to the gym getting active every day. So maybe you could run a challenge in your workplace a step goal for the day. Or for the month raise money for a charity and get your steps up. Or do a Fun run together virtually however you want to do it get creative and get physical with your team. This will increase people’s mental health and wellbeing as well as resilience if they are getting active. Also help them deal with mindfulness and stress like myself I do RUOK talks for workplaces so if it is something you need let me know reach out. I would love to support you and your business at this time.

I hope these are some tips that will help you in your workforce in 2020 and beyond.