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Mid Year – New Financial Year Goal Setting

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2019/07

Power Shot Kate

The new financial year is a good time to review and reset for the financial year ahead. I recently went to a conference where some fantastic speakers shared about setting new goals and why we often set ourselves up for failure.

Setting a new goal will only be a dream if you don’t consider these steps:

Feel it – write down your goal and feel what you imagine it will feel like when you hit that goal each day. There is no point only feeling it when it happens, why not anchor yourself to the feeling you will feel when you hit that goal right NOW?

Map it out – break down your end goal into smaller pieces and create steps to then action to make it happen.

Imagine it – We attract what we think so visualise what you will feel like when you hit your goal. Who will be with you and what will you do to celebrate?

Top Tips to achieve your goals:

1.       Be consistent and map out a 90-day plan to get you on track to reach your goals

2.       Look at what the gap is between where you are now and where you want to go

3.       Don’t play small, instead play full out each and every day until you achieve your goals

And when you doubt your goals hold up your hand and think of each finger as the following:

Thumb = I know where I’m going

Index finger = point forwards – I know where I’m going

Middle finger = Stuff it – I’ve got this

Ringer finger = what I’m committing to

Small finger = don’t sweat the small stuff

Remember to be congruent to your goals and know you have the power within you to take action and see the difference you can make in the world in the new financial year.