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Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge – My Mess is now my Message

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2019/06


In May 2019 I climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge as a birthday present from my family and it marked a few key milestones in my life.

It also gave me a few key revelations that I thought were worth sharing with you.

  1. Dare to dream – you just never know when your dream can become a reality.

My grandma had a dream to climb this bridge but is now too old to do it so I did it in her honour. What a meaningful tribute to my amazing grandma who pushes me to dream BIG and never give up even when I was a depressed teenager.

  1. Getting out of my comfort zone – so often we go through life day in day out following the same routine. However, this means that we do not leave our comfort zone and grow in the process. Once in a while I find it’s important to do something that scares you, excites you and challenges you to get uncomfortable.
  2. 20 years since I survived making an attempt on my life. I was a lost 15 year old who felt that I had no hope or a future – wow was I wrong!
  3. To celebrate another year that I’m ALIVE! I can’t believe I’m 35 years old living my best life that I’ve created and my family wanted me to remember this.

We can’t change our past and the trauma and hurt we endured but we can use our wounds to show us what we deeply care about. Mountain top moments!

I want to make my life count; I’m blessed to be ALIVE even when I couldn’t see it as a depressed teenager.

I’m proud to be a woman of light, love and compassion for those I meet. I choose the rest of my life to live abundantly with passion, creating magical moments like this with the ones I love.

Life is full of amazing memories so let’s make each day count for all those who have gone before us and didn’t get to experience these moments.

The best is yet to come!