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How to Find Your Truth in your Career

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2019/03

Passion Profit Purpose

Are you trying to find the truth in your career? You might be someone who is good at your job, it pays well, but you still can’t shake the feeling that something is missing? You’re not alone, this is a common thing that I hear amongst job seekers and even close friends and family.

I am fortunate enough I feel, that by having my own business, I have found my truth and I couldn’t explain how I found it exactly, until I attended the Aaron Sansoni Entrepreneur Summit. He talked about how he was kicking goals in business, making big deals but felt like he wasn’t happy, and that something was missing in his career. 

He worked out how to find his truth with the following formula, the "3 P’s".

Passion – Doing what you love.

Profit – Doing what makes you a good income the support your lifestyle.

Purpose – Do what you were born to do.

If you can balance all three, he believes that you can find your truth in your career. Uncover your thruths in your career, so you can be living your best life now. I find many people do a job they love and are able to gain a good income from it, but what is missing is their purpose or "what they are born to do"!

I often get asked why I am so passionate about giving back to charity through business and after hearing about the three P’s, I worked it out. Giving back through my business is my purpose, which when I’m doing that alongside my passion, a job I love and that I am making an income from, I am living my TRUTH!

If you can’t find all three in the job you're working in for someone else, then it’s important to volunteer or get a hobby that fulfils the missing area in your life to live your TRUTH.

So I challenge you, take a pen and paper, write down your "3 P's" and find your truth in your career.

“Some people SEE what you do, some people ASK what you do, and some people just DO it!”– Naomi Simson – Red Balloon Founder

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