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Riding the Wave in Business

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2019/02

Riding The Business Wave

Are you a small business owner riding the wave in business? Hustling 24/7, but finding the highs and lows so extreme at times, that you don’t know what the future will look like for you next month, let alone in a years’ time? I bet you wonder how all the bigger businesses and your direct competitors do it? It can feel so isolating and hard to accept when things don’t go well and wonder how you will survive, let alone thrive in business. 

I want you to know I see you, you are not alone and its time we support each other on the journey through the highs and lows too.

I recently went to the Entrepreneur Summit in Sydney with the amazing Aaron Sansoni and Naomi Simson. I was inspired by their journey to such success, but also by their humbleness and the struggles they had to go through to get there too.

Listening to them got me thinking how life as a business owner can often feel like riding a wave. One minute you can be on top of the surf board riding the wave of success and kicking all your goals. The next minute you fall off the board and get dunked under the biggest wave you have ever seen and feel like you a drowning and struggling to breath. Sure enough you fight your way to swim to the surface and then swim to shore and find your footing again and what a relief it is and despite the struggle and the success you will always find the shore. Just know in life we will always go through seasons and when you feel like you are drowning in invoices to pay and no cash flow, when you don’t know where your next business deal will come from,  don’t lose hope swim a little harder, hustle a little harder, network with creative and successful entrepreneurs who go through these challenges too.

My top tips to bouncing back from the waves in business:

  1. Have a supportive community around you to cheer you on even on the hard days – Family, friends and staff.

  2. Connect with other business owners in your field and build a community of support and mentors who have gone before you – RCSA – Pearl mentor program is great

  3. Sign up to some professional development to give you a moment to just to Breathe and work on your business rather than in your business – Business chicks, RCSA, Recruitment Yarns or Aaron Sansoni

  4. Take time for self-reflection and self-care – you cannot give from an empty tank so do something just for you every day! – have a cup of coffee with a friend, read a book, get active

  5. Have a gratitude journal and write three things your grateful everyday it will help you ride the wave – Kiki K does a great one

  6. Look for positive affirmations and quotes to keep you going – Zig Ziglar

  7. Listen to inspirational business podcasts – Tony Robbins, Aaron Sansoni, Janine Allis

Always remember the best is yet to come and the future is bright just stay true to yourself, hustle hard with heart and you will see the tide turn for your business.

If you need help recruiting the right people to help you ride the wave in business, get in touch with TaylorCare Recruitment. 

We care, you care, TaylorCare.