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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2018/07

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

As I’ve been Recruiting for NGOs, Government Departments & NFPs for over 8 years now and seeing how hard they work at helping those in need, I still often hear how the culture within organisations are not as good as could be. I’ve also found in the 5 years of running my business and seeing staff come and go, how big a difference it can make when you have committed, loyal staff who are really part of the culture and long-term vision.

Although over the years I’ve learnt the hard way, I believe I have some great tips and ideas of what to look for when hiring staff to build your dream team.

Top tips for creating a dream team culture

  • As the manager or owner of your service, you must implement a set of standards in the workplace. I don’t allow staff to gossip, be negative in the workplace or talk about others behind their back. If people have an issue with others I encourage them to talk it through together, otherwise, I will mediate between them.

  • Be Present – When your staff are having a hard time ensuring that you’re there to help them process what’s happening. As a team, work out how you will tackle the situation, then act to move forward.

  • Encourage a buddy system – When a new staff member starts, partner them with someone who has been there a while who can meet them for lunch, go for lunch workouts or coffee.

  • Have a monthly review in the first three months where you assess the persons work ethic, culture fit, team player attitude, reliability and willingness to go that extra mile when needed.

  • There is no “I” in team! So, encourage a collaborative approach to business where you include everyone in the decisions and changes, so they feel part of what’s happening.

  • Within your team, a strength-based approach works best when utilising your staff to the best of their ability.

  • Hire people who have different strengths and personality to help the team have a diverse range of skills and abilities to really help the team flourish.

  • Self-Care – Allow time for staff to manage their stress levels and allow them to take care of themselves on a daily and weekly basis e.g. gym at lunch, massages, doctors etc. Whatever it is that helps them to recharge and keep them going.

I’m sure you might have some ideas to add from your experience, so please share them and comment on our social media pages so we can have further discussion about this.

As a manager or business owner we’re only as good as the team we have around us, so it’s important to create a culture where you have unity, commitment and a strong work ethic where we support each other’s goals both personally and professionally.

Go and create your Dream Team!