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Random Acts of Kindness

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2018/07

Random Acts Of Kindness Min

I recently watched a 2-minute video on Facebook showing someone write the words “You are amazing” on a post-it note and then place it in a kid’s lunch box when he finds the note, it makes him smile. He then leaves it on someone’s lunch tray, which then ends up on the cleaner’s vacuum, each time a person finds it their face lights up reading it. It just goes to show it can take a small gesture to show kindness to someone within your world.

It got me thinking what impact we could all have if we made more effort to do random acts of kindness to those around us. What if we put our phones away while on public transport or on a trip somewhere and talked to the people around us? I feel we often lose human connection now as we are so connected to the world through social media.

My daughter is only 2 years old but if she sees a busker or homeless person on the street she always makes me stop and says, “can I give them a coin mummy”. It makes me slow down and stop to value all those around us.

Here are my top tips for showing acts of kindness in your day:

  1. Appreciate the staff at your regular coffee shop – talk, engage with them and build a community. We have done this at our local coffee shop in the mornings and they feel like family now

  2. Help an elderly person at the train station or getting across the road

  3. Give some money to a homeless person or why not buy them a warm coffee or food for them too

  4. Talk to people when you’re out and about or simply give them a smile and eye contact

  5. Send family or friends a written card for special occasions or even to encourage them to let them know that you value them and your friendship

  6. Phone a friend – show them you care and give them your time

  7. Show your loved one that you appreciate them – leave them love notes around the house

  8. Give back your time to your community – volunteer at your local church, charity or school

There are so many more acts of kindness you can do in your day to day life, so why not share your ideas in the comments on social media so we can all connect and spread the word to do random acts of kindness each day.

Kate Taylor – Founder – Managing Director of TaylorCare Recruitment