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TaylorCare – Winners of 2 RCSA Recruitment Industry Awards 2018

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2018/06

Taylorcare Winners Of 2 Rcsa Recruitment Industry Awards 2018 Min

The TaylorCare Recruitment Team are delighted to announce we are the winners of two RCSA Recruitment Industry Awards 2018. Last week we were honoured to win the Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award for our work in giving back to charities. I also won the Rising Star Award for being an emerging leader in the industry and part of the innovative workplaces within Recruitment.

What does each award represent and mean to us at TaylorCare Recruitment?

Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award – 2018, Sponsored by Prime Super

This award has been given to recruitment agencies who highlight the importance of CSR in the sector. CSR is a commitment of business to manage its influence in society and the wider community. To be effective this needs to be built into our business strategy, extending beyond the financial bottom line to integrate Social, Ethical & Philanthropic values into its core decision making processes, company & culture. Congratulations to Smaart Recruitment, WorkPac Group, Adecco & Protech Group who were also finalists in this category.

When I started TaylorCare in 2013, my mission was to develop a model where we make an income, so we can ultimately make an impact on the community. I know this is not a traditional way of starting a new business, but as someone who grew up in a family where we always sponsored children in Africa, helped charities and volunteered at church, I knew this was something that was important to me as a business owner! From the very start we have woven a corporate social responsibility approach into our business model.

We launched our Social Work division in September 2013 hosting a charity event for 70 people for the A21 Campaign – Helping victims of Human Trafficking around the globe. Seeing the impact my small business had, within 6 months of opening in my spare room at home, was incredible! We raised over $3,500 for the charity that day. It was then I realised my ability to make an impact in my world and use my business to raise awareness for charities concurrently. Each year we have given back to charities through our time and resources depending on the business needs and finances. We hire like-minded staff who have a focus on giving back and value this approach to business. Over the past year, we were able to give 5% of profits to our chosen charities along with attending events & volunteering our time to the charities we are passionate about.

TaylorCare Recruitment is currently partnered with A21 Campaign & Freedom Hub who are working with victims of Human Trafficking around the world, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia which provides lifesaving operations for women after complications in childbirth & RUOK Mental Health charity who help people at risk of suicide and sufferers with depression around Australia.

I believe more than ever before, we are part of an emerging generation of leaders in the industry who are socially aware of the needs around them with a major focus in helping others in need through business. Our potential to make an impact is limitless!

Kate Taylor – Rising Star Award – 2018 – Sponsored by WorkPro

This award is to celebrate the individual recruitment professional who has demonstrated a significant investment in their professional and career development. The winner will be someone who is actively involved in promoting the next generation of innovative and inclusive workplaces. Congratulations to Claire Lording, Justin Campbell & Jason Reed who were also finalists in this category.

I am personally honoured to receive this award as an emerging leader and workplace. My aim in the workplace and for my clients is marked by compassion, initiative and open collaborative thinking.  This is outworked through the consultative approach that I have in dealing with staff, clients and candidates.

The distinctive I have implemented from the beginning of the business is to not only incorporate an RUOK workplace culture but to also actively engage with my staff in Corporate Social Responsibility.  The goal of building a successful business to me includes incorporating our passion for helping charities and giving back to the industries we recruit for. This provides a noticeable distinction in the industry and unites TaylorCare Recruitment staff with a common cause.

I am proud to be the winner of these two awards this year and hope to represent the RCSA well through the years to come as a Rising STAR and CSR Advocate in the sector.

I hope to inspire small business owners to Dream BIGGER for your businesses. No matter your size, you don’t have to be the biggest to be the best at what you do and make a difference.