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Dare to dream for the future!

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2018/06

Dare To Dream For The Future Min

Dare to dream!!! I bet you have heard this statement thrown around, but do you actually give yourself time to do it? I am a great believer dreaming bigger and pushing myself to new levels I never thought possible, in all areas of my life. I have realised our limitations are often just our own mindset and we can be our own worst enemy sometimes.

I know there are circumstances that can stop us from actioning our dreams or limiting our thinking. However, I am a firm believer that we can overcome anything we put our mind to, with the right tools in place.

At the start of the year, I hit rock bottom with my business and I was feeling like nothing I was doing was working. I literally worked my heart and soul for the past 5 years on my business. I somehow didn’t think I could still have such a bad run when I realised that about 4 different challenges that came at me all at once got me to that point. By the time I got to Christmas holidays, I was literally having a pity party in my head “why me? After all, I do to give back to charity and help people through my business”; my family even had crisis talks with me on what to do next with my business. I got a business coach on board to help me process where I was at and how I can learn from what I was going through. That really empowered me to get out of my pity party and dig deep to find my inner strength and confidence to turn things around.

3 ways I started to dream again!

  • I booked a day out of my business took my notebook, music on my iPhone and went to Bondi Beach and spent the day planning, dreaming, setting goals and working on a strategy for the business

  • I evaluated my self-talk and self-belief – looked at my intentions, asking myself what I wanted to change, believed in myself & started looking for signs & listening to my intuition telling me what to do in different situations, as they come up. Then worked out what action I needed to take to achieve these goals.

  • Defined what I wanted my year to look like for my business in 2 words – Mine were: IMPACT & Income. I wanted to be able to do the two together but no idea how it would happen.

Fast forward 6 months and I have managed to turn my business and life around. I have now achieved my top sales in my business in 5 years and my own personal best in sales for 11 years with less headcount than I have ever had in business. I have new clients and old clients coming to me every month needing my business to help them. We now need to recruit a new staff member to help us with the workload. I’ve also been able to work on the Impact side of things. I am now a community ambassador for RUOK charity and I am a guest speaker for events all over Australia when required. I have also been recognised by our industry body for recruitment, RCSA as a Corporate Social Responsibility finalist for 2018 for the work we are doing for 4 charities through our business. Personally, I’m now getting more time with my daughter doing 9-day fortnight in the office and having her with me on Fridays too. So, although life is busy and full, I’m loving every area of my life now and seeing my hard work paying off and flourishing in all I put my mind too.