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Redundancy and Recruitment. How do you stand out in a competitive job market?

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2018/05

Redundancy And Recruitment How Do You Stand Out In A Competitive Job Market Min

If you are reading this, you may have recently found out you have been made redundant from your current role due to lack of funding in your program. I have spent some time this week working with my clients who have had to tell their teams this news and helped offer support during this time of uncertainty and job searching.

I have had many conversations with employers and job seekers throughout this time and wanted to answer some questions around why working with a recruitment agency might benefit you and my top tips to increase your chances of finding employment.

Here are some of the common questions I’m getting asked:

1.Why work with a recruitment agency to find your next job?

In a competitive job market if you apply directly to employers and don’t work with a recruitment agency who specialises in your area of work you run the risk of landing in an HR inbox and not get noticed or get missed altogether in their system. A good recruiter will not only send your CV out but will actively sell to the employer why they need to meet you & why you are ideal for their organisation. A good recruiter should also know the culture and reputation of organisations, so they can best match you to the organisation that suits you based on your personality, career objectives and experience.

2. Does it cost me to sign up with an agency?

No, recruitment agencies should never charge you money to find you a job. We have agreements with employers that if we successfully fill a job for them, we charge a one-off finder’s fee for our services.

3. I am currently doing my own job searches & have registered with a few agencies helping me find a job. How can we manage this?

You are entitled to sign up with as many agencies we you like or apply directly to roles, but you need to manage where your CV is going out too. As only one agency or yourself can apply directly to each employer. The reality is not all employers work with recruitment agencies, so your recruiter should be honest with you about this and tell you to apply to directly to certain organisations, as well as represent you to companies they have contacts with themselves.

My top tips for securing your ideal job in record time;

  • Update your CV! Ensure your employment dates match up and ensure the layout of the document is easy to read

  • Update you referees on what is happening so they can be contacted at short notice if needed

  • Be pro-active! Email or call your recruiter on a regular basis to get updates on your applications

  • Take some time for self-care so you are feeling positive and enthusiastic for your next job interview

At TaylorCare we offer support through the whole recruitment process so if you are a Social Worker, Counsellor, Psychologist or Manager get in touch with us on 02 98104498 or email us your CV to