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Why YOU ARE unique and you matter in your job!

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2018/04

Why You Are Unique And You Matter In Your Job Min

Are you having one of those weeks where you are hating your job and wondering what on earth am I doing here?? Have you got a boss who is driving you crazy or colleagues who just don’t value your input in the workplace? Don’t worry, I totally understand and it’s something I hear all too often from job seekers. You could be in the wrong role or company for you to really shine? Or maybe you just need a change of perspective?

Either way, I want you to know you are unique and have a purpose and there is no one like you in this world that can do it like YOU! Look around you in your office right now? Is there anyone the same as each other? The answer is no because we are all unique and have something different to give, but together we can make a real difference in our community, in the lives of our clients and to those around us as we work as a team.

No matter what your workplace is like,  take a moment to find yourself and to see your value, even if your boss or colleagues does not see it right now. If you can see your value, your purpose and what unique skills and experiences you can bring to your job every day, I bet it won’t take long for those around you to see it too.

Be confident & let your unique style SHINE! And remember “Be the change you want to see in the world”