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How to create Balance and Inner Peace in life

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2018/04

How To Create Balance And Inner Peace In Life Min

I’ve recently been through a season of trying to create more balance in my life and finding my inner peace. I bet you are reading this thinking “come on Kate, how on Earth do we do this with such busy, high pressure lives”.  Well, I can tell you, anyone who knows me knows I live life 100 miles an hour each and every day and I live it to the fullest. Yes, I do stretch myself at times and my energy levels drop hence my survival to live on coffee. I actually thought surviving on coffee as a businesswoman and working mum just go hand in hand. I also realised I spend a lot of time every day just feeling OVERWHELMED with constant pressures coming at me either at home or work and it wasn’t until I did some personal development about 6 months ago, that I realised I didn’t need to live in this state anymore and NO, it is not normal to live like that. Don’t get me wrong, I was a happy person, kicking goals at work and on my health and fitness journey, but I couldn’t shake this feeling of being OVERWHELMED.

So here are my top tips to help you find Balance & Inner Peace in Life

  • Take some time out for personal development – I highly recommend Kat Millar – Unleash your freedom events you might also like events by Tony Robins too.

  • Work with a business & life coach- after my personal development day I started to really work on myself with a business coach. I’ve been amazed at what I’ve learnt about myself as a person, business woman and mother and each session I go away learning something new that I can apply to my life

  • Join a gym – commit to a weekly yoga class. I’m not the usual type to go to yoga but I started doing Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga and I am amazed at how good it is to be giving myself 1 hour a week to be calm and find inner peace to really help centre me

  • Download the app “Smiling Minds” – they do 5 min meditations. On the days I’m really overwhelmed and struggling to sleep I do that and I sleep so well afterwards

  • Make time for self-care – do something every week to look after you. It might be a walk on the beach, reading a good book or having some pampering

  • Do something fun – go out with friends or family somewhere new and explore the outdoors

  • Listen to TED or YOUTUBE talks of people who inspire you. I’m loving John Maxwell, Ashy Bines, Joel Osteen, Brene Brown & more

I won’t lie, it isn’t always easy to do all the above and I often get it wrong or struggle to fit all these things into my week. Some weeks we are thriving and others we are just surviving and that’s ok too. We are all human, but the key is to pick ourselves up and keep going despite the challenges of life.

I can honestly say that incorporating the above tips into my life, I now don’t live in a state of feeling OVERWHELMED every day. I know what I need to do to find balance and inner peace in my life. When things start to go off balance I apply some of the tips and find I re-centre myself and keep going.

What are your top tips for finding balance and inner peace?  Please comment on our social media posts.

“Set the highest Standard. You’re not called to just be anybody. Your called to be Excellent” Joel Osteen