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Top tips for being a TOP billing Recruiter

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2018/03

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I have successfully worked in Recruitment for 11 years and have gone through many highs and lows as a recruitment consultant and Billing Manager. I recently hit a personal best sales target and highest billing month for my business too. It didn’t just happen overnight and did require a lot of work along the way so thought I would share my top tips with you if you are wondering how you can be a TOP billing Recruiter or Sales Manager, smash your targets and kick your sales goals.

Top Tips to be a successful top billing recruiter

  1. Build a pipeline every day – Make it a priority to do three critical tasks each day – Find jobs – talk to clients, find candidates & match candidates to jobs – send CVS’s

  2. Ensure you prioritise the jobs you work on – I categorise my jobs into HOT, WARM & COLD and rate them out of 100% on how likely I am to fill them.

  3. Be willing to put in overtime to connect with you candidates and clients – I communicate through many platforms with my candidates and clients to keep the recruitment process moving. I find text messages & Facebook messenger to be most popular out of hours or while people are busy in and out of meetings.

  4. Offer a consultative recruitment service to clients and candidates. I ensure every person I work on and help to find staff for, feels listened to and valued. I offer advice where needed and even take time to get to know them, so I can work out the best way to meet the requirements of both candidates and clients.

  5. Recruiters intuition! Always listen to your gut instinct on how much contact you need to have with clients and candidates in order to get the best outcome. Your intuition is always right!

Most importantly NEVER give up when the going gets tough! We always have two choices: to give up or give it all we’ve got! No matter how bad your quarter has been or how huge of a setback you have had, you have a choice to have a positive mindset, dust yourself off and go for GOLD.