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New Year- New Goals for 2018

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2018/01

New Year New Goals 2018

Management Planning Day & Self Care by the sea

Welcome back to work and 2018 and back into the working year! I had a fantastic break with family and friends and I hope you did too?  I decided to use the last day of my holidays to set my year up for my business and to also to take time to plan what I want to achieve personally in 2018.

How did I do it? I took a day out to myself at Bondi Beach to re-group and plan out my year.

Another Manager I know in business suggested to take a day out for planning and self-care before I kick off 2018 back at work and I thought it was worth a try as I needed some clear vision, inspiration and direction for the year ahead.

I started my day at Lush café overlooking Bondi Beach where I ordered coffee and breakfast and sat down with my new diary for 2018, Work Smarter Journal from Kiki K & notebook. I wanted some fresh inspiration and being out near the beach gives me that. I mapped out personal goals, my bucket list, Business Plan for each of my team and myself & mapped out team meeting to launch to my team on our first day back in the office. I was surprised at how easy it was for my creativity to flow once I got started.

At lunchtime, after I spent the morning planning everything out and setting new goals I planned to go swimming at Icebergs Swimming Pool – the first thing off my bucket list for 2018. I loved having time for self-care, where I could swim and relax, and I always wanted to try swimming at Icebergs too. It was the best hour! Then I finished off having ice-cream overlooking the beach before heading home to type everything up.

I went home and spent time putting everything together to share with the team. It was great to bring all my creativity and work to life.

I rolled out this new plan to my team on Monday and we are all now full of energy and enthusiasm to kick our goals personally and professionally in 2018! I have decided to implement this idea into my team where once a month on Friday they can leave early and take some time for self-care. I’ve also decided that for 1 hour a week I will go for coffee and take time to plan and think strategically about my business. I’ve also engaged with a business coach to help me develop as a leader and from a personal viewpoint too.

What have you planned for 2018? I encourage you to step out and try something new this year and see what new inspiration you get too.

“Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time, and energy needed to develop yourself” John Maxwell