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Big news for TaylorCare in 2018

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2017/12

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The best is yet to come in 2018

Big news for TaylorCare

As you embark on Christmas & New Year for 2017 I felt it would be a good time to stop and reflect on the year that has past and look to what 2018 might hold for each of us.

I have had a successful year in the business working with many new clients and job seekers around Australia in Social Work & Nursing but now and I have also learned a lot along the way too. I believe every experience we go through, good or bad is a chance for us to learn something new and at times even evaluate how we can do things better in future. This year has been no different for me and I am excited to announce some new changes in my business for 2018.

Big news for TaylorCare Recruitment

  1. TaylorCare is now recruiting Support Workers on a casual basis for NGO’s in Sydney. We have a few key clients already utilising our services but look to take on even more in 2018

  2. We will no longer be recruiting for nurses in hospitals but will be focusing on Nursing for NGO’s & Aboriginal health services to complement our expanding social work division.

  3. We will be expanding into recruiting for other areas within Social Work in 2018 within Mental Health, Disability & Aged Care.

  4. We will also be expanding into recruiting for Executive and Operational staff for our NGO’s across Australia

  5. We have big goals aiming to donate large amounts of money to our chosen charities in 2018

As you can see I believe the best is yet to come in 2018 for TaylorCare and I believe the same for my staff, clients, job seekers, friends and family.

Take some time out to reflect and set goals for 2018

The BEST is yet to come!