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Why do we compete with others in life?

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2017/11

Why Do We Compete With Others In Life

Why do we compete with others in life?

Recently I have spoken to my social network and close friends who also run recruitment enterprises; so many have shared with me their journey in life and how others on a similar path compete with them or put them down.

An example of this is when a single mum I know found other mums not being supportive or making effort despite knowing her struggle with juggling a career and being a mother.

This is a feeling I have had being a working mum & woman in business, that I’m judged by others for working so much and going after my career instead of raising my child full time. This got me thinking why do we feel the need to judge & compete with one another on our journey or chapter of life we are working to strive & thrive in?

What if we went out of our way to be the opposite?

Think about someone in your world today who is struggling to disguise the fatigue of changing many hats in life as an entrepreneur, teaching her children the understanding of being a successful adult, and the get-up and go attitude in life. Can you imagine being that person, you have the knowledge of someone in your life at present who is fraught, and you have the power to reach out to them to support them? Even if it is just a text message or a thoughtful card sent to them, this can and will brighten someone’s day who stressed.

If you’re a mum and know other mums who are facing this struggle on a day to day basis, do something this week to help them! Cook a meal for them or take them out for coffee.

If your friend is going through a relationship break up, why not take them for a night out to get their mind off things. If your colleague is struggling why not take them out for lunch or a manicure and be a supportive listening ear for them.

Life is busy for us all and it’s easy to not stop and look around us at times and see how we can be there for others.

My motto in life is “Be the change you want to see in the world!” If you’re not happy with something around you, be the one to change it and make it better.

What will you do today to help someone BLOOM in their lives?