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Top tips to being successful in your new job!

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2017/10

Top Tips Successful New Job Min

Congratulations! You are probably reading this as you have secured a new role and you are wondering, in the mix of excitement and nerves, what you shouldn’t do and what you should do to make a good impression in your first week.

At TaylorCare we place people into their next jobs every week and we hear their success stories and not so successful stories at times.  We know the ways people nail their first week in a job or how they do exactly the opposite.

Do’s for your first week in your new job:

  • Dress for success – make sure on your first day you dress professionally as this creates a good impression but also shows you are serious about this new job opportunity

  • Introduce yourself to your new team but also to the receptionist and right through to the CEO, to show you are eager to connect with your new workplace

  • Attitude is Key – be positive and optimistic at all times! You may not know the reason you were hired when you start your new role; it could be to replace someone who has left or due to a restructure. Being a positive presence in your new environment is key!

  • Go the extra mile; be willing to put in extra hours to learn your new role

  • Be flexible and willing to get out of your comfort zone – with any new job you may have to step outside your comfort zone to do new tasks or deal with new situations, so go in with an open mind and willingness to learn new things

Don’ts for your new job

  • Turn up late in your first week – no matter the reason, there is no excuse for being late in your first week. Plan out your journey to work so you have plenty of time to get there and even get a coffee if you are early before you tackle your day

  • Overshare about your personal life; this is like going on a first date, you shouldn’t give too many details about your personal life or work history of bad bosses in the first few weeks. First impressions count and people don’t need to know your life story or negative experiences straight away. Wait for the right time to share with new colleagues, once you get to know them

  • Be willing to learn new things – no matter how experienced you are you can still learn something new & make a good impression, so be open to training and learning new methods of working

These are our best top tips for your first week in a new job! I bet you have other things you can think of too. Feel free to comment on our social media posts and share it with us.