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A21 Walk for Freedom – Human Trafficking

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2017/10

A21 W4f

“Business has to be a force for social change” Anita Raddick

On Saturday the 14th of October 2017, TaylorCare team came together with our families, to raise awareness for a charity rescuing people who have been human trafficked around the globe. Over 29 million people are trafficked around the world and exploited for sex slavery or slave labour at any given time. The sad reality is that 99% of them will never be free! As a team, we want to raise awareness for a GLOBAL issue and ensure we can do our part in ensuring charities like the A21 Campaign can do the work they do to help the victims of such horrific crimes.

The Walk for Freedom is an outward expression–a global fundraising and awareness campaign–of A21’s inward desire to free every single slave on the planet. On October 14, 2017, in communities around the world, you could see us– 21st-century abolitionists–walking in single-file with black shirts and yellow bandanas with the names of those who have been silenced and saved across our mouths. By now it’s clear that slavery will not end on its own. And if you aren’t sure what to do about it, start by looking at A21 campaign website and find out how you can get involved in your city.

At TaylorCare we are passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility and always looking for ways we can come together as a team to help different Charities. We give away 5% of our business profits each and every year and we organise events throughout the year to raise awareness in our communities for the charities we are passionate about supporting through our work.

Together we can make a difference and ABOLISH Slavery with every STEP!