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Why do we compare ourselves to others?

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2017/08

Why Do We Compare Ourselves To Others Min

Do you often find yourself comparing your progress or journey in your career or life to those around you? Do you feel like you’re never where you want to be in life? I think it’s human nature for us to compare ourselves to those around us but is this stopping you from reaching your dreams and goals particular your career?


It’s easy to look at your colleague who has more experience or manager and think “Wow they are so good at what they do and I’ll never be as good as them!” You probably wonder how they are the same age or even younger and seem to have their lives together compared to where you are now and want to be in the future. The thing you don’t see is the years before this point that has got them where they are now & what that journey involved. Did it involve hardships, setbacks, job changes, horrible bosses- this list is endless!


We are surrounded on social media with peoples highlight reel and we often feel “how can we keep up with all the demands life throws at u?” We want to be successful in our career, fit, slim & have a family or partner to keep your life balanced and happy. Is it possible to reach all of this at the same time? I think we can but we have to be focused on ourselves and our journey not those around us and compare your life to others all the time.


You are unique and valuable to those around you.  I believe you have a purpose on this earth that no one else can do but you! We need to be the best versions of ourselves – physically, emotionally & professionally so next time you find yourself comparing to those around you STOP and think I want to me, be my own motivation and be the best I can be, don’t compete with those around us!