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How can I make a difference in my world!

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2017/08

How Can I Make A Difference In My World Min

I often get asked; how I have so much time to support charities when I’m a small business owner. I often hear people say, “I don’t earn enough money to help a charity” or “I don’t have time to help others”. It’s true, I know our lives have become busier, we all work longer hours as we are contactable all hours of the day on our mobiles & deadlines keep coming.  It is a challenge to stop and make time or put money aside to help those in need.

This got my brain actively thinking how can we make a difference in the world we are in right now? I think it’s a matter of perspective, we can’t all be volunteers however we can take a moment of time to appreciate what we have in our world today and what could make a difference to someone else’s lives. I started small in what I could give. I donated a percent of the money I made from my first 2 business deals to help fund the charity event I hosted for A21 campaign and I managed to raise $3,400 for this charity. I also raised awareness in my networks and local community about Human Trafficking around the world.

We all know someone struggling with depression or anxiety, do you have a friend who is struggling? Is anyone in your family or social going through a hard time and need support? Sometimes we need to stop and reflect on those who are around us and who are important to us and look at what we can do to help them. The homeless people crowded outside the train station; why not buy then a coffee when you get one or give him some food. If your friend or workplace is hosting a charity event why not volunteer some of your time or money to support it.

Start today! Use what you have & do what you can to make a difference to someone in your world!

Together we can make a difference!