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Do’s & Don’ts for your next interview

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2017/08

Dos And Donts For Your Next Interview Min

Are you excited you just got the call or email that you have got your first interview in what could have been years since you last moved jobs?  Now your nerves might kick in as you’re not sure what you should and shouldn’t say. I have come up with the Do’s and Don'ts list for your next interview based on people I’ve had interviewing through my agency over the past few months.

Don’ts for your next interviews;

  • Over share about your personal life or financial situation- The person who’s interviewing you doesn’t need to know your boyfriend issues or how you need a job desperately as you have just been made redundant from your last job. Think of it like a first date you want to make the best impression from the start!

  • Don’t lie – if you have to lie about your experience or abilities to do a role you probably won’t stay in the job for long as you will be caught out for what you can actually do.

  • Don’t bad mouth your previous managers or companies – no matter how bad your last employer was, be respectful and only disclose what you need to. The panel will be observing the way you talk about your current or previous employer as a reflection of what you might say about them when you leave them one day.

  • Don’t slouch or slump in your seat – be enthusiastic and show you want the job!

  • Don’t arrive late or flustered for the interview – give yourself time to get there and freshen up once you arrive in the bathroom if needed.

  • Don’t over talk your answers – it’s easy when you’re nervous to over talk to fill in the gaps and make it feel like the interview flows better. If you feel like you're over talking look for the body language of the panel to see if they are engaging and want to know more or distracted and not concentrating on what you’re saying. Then adjust what you say based on that either pull back and round up your answer or keep going if they seem interested.

Do’s for your next interview;

  • Dress for success – the old saying dress for the job you want not the job you’ve got is key when going for your next interview.

  • Be confident – it goes without saying confidence draws others in and if all else fails “Fake it until you make it”

  • Show the enthusiasm for the role by asking a few questions relevant to the position you are going for. Selection is a two-way process they select you and you select them.

  • Follow up your interview with an email to the recruiter or employer and express your excitement for the role and why you want to work for them as this will impress the panel.

These are some of my top tips for your next interview- let us know your Do’s & Don’ts!

Whatever you do go into your next interview dressed to impress, confident and armed with questions you can ask the panel, I’m sure you will be a success!

Your dream job awaits you!