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Top tips for starting your own business

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2017/04

Top Tips For Starting Your Own Business Min

I often get asked for my top tips for starting your own business, from people starting out. I thought it might help to share my latest tips and some background on my journey to get where I am now.

My background

I worked in Childcare for 6 years until I injured my back working in London and was told I couldn’t lift kids every day if I wanted to improve my back. So, I started looking at things I could do to use my skills but not work hands-on with kids. I contacted the recruitment agency I was signed up with at the time and asked if they needed someone junior to train up. That’s where I began my recruitment career. I have now been in recruitment for 10 years and specialised in Education, Social Work & Nursing recruitment. I was very successful working for a variety of companies but wasn’t treated well by some of my previous managers. My last boss put me down so much that I was determined to prove her wrong and went out on my own and create a business I’m proud of and want to work at too. I’ve been running my business for 4 years now and what a roller coaster ride it has been. I’ve learnt so much during the last few years. Hiring staff has been an ongoing challenge for me and been surprised how much work I have had to do to get the business started and ongoing work required to keep it running.

My Top Tips

  • Learn what your strengths are in business and then hire or utilise others to help you in the areas you’re not strong in yourself e.g I do all the sales side of the business and am the face of my business. My husband does IT & accounts for me, together we work to our strengths and this strategy works well.

  • Utilise online companies to help with marketing and branding – Fiverr is a good site for marketing and is cheap, vista print is good for smaller amounts of marketing.

  • Social media- Get on Instagram and Facebook and promote your product, get creative with photos and use motivational quotes, images, share blogs etc to promote your business.

  • Get a business mentor who specialises in your areas of the business to give you tips and advice.

  • Be prepared to put in a lot of long hours in the first few years and set up your business well before having kids – trust me!

  • Don’t expand your business to quickly, it will eat up your profits and can cause you to run at a loss or break even and it is not worth all the hard work and stress if you don’t make any money.

  • Pay yourself a salary as soon as you can! Don’t just invest in others salaries and not value yourself. It will mess with your self-confidence and you will start to not value your own time & efforts.

  • Whatever product or service you are offering make sure you are passionate about it. If you live and breathe it and love what you do, then success will follow.

  • Be willing to get out of your comfort zone and you will be surprised what you can achieve.

I dare you to DREAM! If you want something bad enough and willing to work hard and are passionate you will be amazed what you can achieve in business.