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Why am I in a challenging job?

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2017/03

Why Am I In A Challenging Job Min

Are you wondering why you’re in the job you’re in? Are you feeling like you just want to give up but not sure why you still there? At times in life, we can wonder why we are in the role we are in with the team you might not like or do a role that is just stressful.


We have two choices – you can have a bad attitude and dread work every day or turn your attitude around and try and see this job as a stepping stone for your next role. The skills and experience you are developing through this role are setting you up for your dream job that awaits you.


I recently recruited a Manager for an NGO in Sydney who worked so hard to turn the programme she was in around and was determined to see outcomes met by the deadline, even when other managers said she couldn’t do it. This lady dug deep despite the opposition and negative talk around her turned the programme around. When it came time for her salary review at work she didn’t get the pay rise she knew she was worth for all the extra time she put into the role so she left her job. While she took some time out to study her master’s & upskill, she knew her value and new it wasn’t in the job she was in long term but that the role she had would be a stepping stone to her next position.


The role we placed her in was like the programme she was in previously but with $20,000 + pay increase!! Now she has finally got what she was finally worth for the hours and workload she knows she would take on and can look back now and see that the previous role is a stepping stone for her to get her dream job now.


If your feeling frustrated in your job, keep an eye out for your next job opportunity by talking to a specialised recruiter like us at TaylorCare Recruitment – we specialise in Healthcare Recruitment. While you’re still in your challenging job remember, everything happens for a reason and sticking it out can sometimes be the most rewarding so don’t give up, keep going & make a conscious decision to be positive and make the most of the stepping stone role you’re in now. As you never know what job is just around the corner.