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Top Tips for Self-Care

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2017/03

Top Tips For Self Care Min

As a busy mum with an 18-month-old and running a business it can often be hard to look after myself but something I’m working on over the last 6 months is building in self-care on a daily, weekly & monthly basis into my life.

My Top TIPS so far.

1. Make time for yourself every day no matter how busy you are at work or family commitments.

Making time for myself is key if I want to be balanced and fuelled to give all my energy for my business clients, staff & family. I try and go to the gym most days even if it’s just half hour class. Each night when my daughter is in bed I pre-prepare my healthy food for the next day and talk to a friend or watch my favourite TV show to give myself some time out. I know if I don’t do these things I can’t keep going to the capacity I want each day.

2. Plan something each week you can look forward to that relaxes you!

I always try and plan something just for ME on weekends when my daughter is having her lunch time sleep. I often get my nails done, have a massage or even meet a friend for coffee. Sometimes I will even just do DIY nails or face mask and read a book at home.

3. Plan monthly something that brings you joy or happiness!

Once a month I plan a girl’s night out with my best friend or my local mum's group. We go out for dinner and a few drinks and it’s a great way to have some time out and recharge your batteries.

I’m sure there are many other things you can do to look after yourself. These are the top tips I have found so far that works for me. I would love to know what things you do to look after yourself.