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5 Reasons why you’re losing potential new employees?

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2016/11

5 Reasons Youre Losing Potential New Employees (2)

1. Your recruitment and selection process is too lengthy

Are your internal recruitment processes too long? It is a common complaint we hear from people who we are helping find employment, as well as hiring managers.

If you want to secure the best talent within the job market, you need to ensure your recruitment processes are organised and clear from the start. Job seekers need to know what to expect if the processes are lengthy e.g. job applications closing dates, shortlisting within a week, interviewing taking place following week, job offers and sign off processes can take up to 2 weeks etc.

In an employee short market, it is essential that recruitment processes are done quickly, clearly, and efficiently. This way jobs seekers are not left in the dark, not knowing when they will hear back and securing a position elsewhere.

2. A potential new employee isn’t sold on the job opportunity

While you’re interviewing to see the suitability of a new employee for your organisation, candidates are also considering your fit for them as an employer. Experienced professionals often have several employment options. For this reason, it is important to ensure your recruiter is up to date with the major selling points of the position, to be able to on-sell these to potential employees. Revisit these major selling points during the interview process.

3. You and the panel have over interviewed for the role

I’m sure we have all experienced this, we interview so many people they becoming a blur and we forget the stand out potential recruits. Having large quantities of interviews back to back, can give potential recruits the impression that you and your panel may have a lack of interest in them or the position. I recommend interviewing no more than 5 people for a role and ideally no more than 3 interviews per day. This will ensure you and your panel are fresh, focused, and as enthusiastic for the interview as the person who is being interviewed. Bear in mind the interviewee has done a lot of preparation to meet you.

4. Inaccurate or incomplete job offer details

There is nothing more disappointing than going for an interview not knowing what salary package is being offered and feeling as though you can’t ask. If a potential employee is going to work for you, first impressions count. Ensure they have all relevant information relating to the position prior to the interview, including a copy of the job description, salary details, and any packaging options that may increase the total package.

5. A potential new employee gets multiple offers

Have you ever gone through the process of interviewing a candidate, made them an offer,  only to discover they have several offers on the table they are considering?  We only get one chance to offer someone a role, make sure you have the package and benefits in full detail when you make an offer. If you’re a smaller organisation, it is hard to compete with your competitors and what they may be able to offer. I always recommend having a list of benefits when making an offer, money isn’t always the deciding factor for potential new employees e.g. professional development, salary sacrifice, car allowance, relocation allowance, flexibility with hours, work-life balance, and team culture. These things are all important when promoting your job opportunity and organisation to your next employee.

These are my top 5 tips on how to secure a potential new employee, if you can think of others please share them with us.

If you follow these steps, you will have a much higher chance of securing the best employee in the market.