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NEW Year NEW Job – 5 Reasons Why you Need a New Job in 2015

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2015/01

New Year New Job 5 Reasons Why You Need A New Job In 2015(2) Min

Welcome to 2015! At this time of year we often set New Year’s resolutions, goals and re-evaluate our job situation. I find people often start to re consider their current career options and take the plunge in applying for new job roles.

 So how do you know if you’re ready to move jobs? Here is my top 5 reasons.

5 reasons to know if you need to change jobs

1. You dread getting up for work each day and have the weekend blues on Sunday nights: If you get to Sunday nights each weekend and feel a sense of dread or anxiousness about going to work on Mondays then it’s time to evaluate why you are feeling this way and if you can change that in your current work place or not. If you struggle to get up in the morning because your heart sinks thinking about facing another day of work then it’s time to look for a new job in 2015.

2. You don’t like your boss or respect them: Does your boss stress you out? Make you dread coming to work and not respect you in the work place? Then unless a miracle happens things are not likely to change their perception of you. A bad boss is the number one reasons employees quite their job. It’s time to weigh up your options and look for your next job.

3. You want career progression and there are no openings in your current workplace: One of the top reasons we have people apply for roles with our agency is the lack of career progression in their current roles and no sign of things changing. If you’re waiting for the golden opportunity in your current role that you have been in for years it’s time to start reconsidering your options. Register with a specialised recruitment agency like TaylorCare Recruitment to keep up to date on roles that are on the market without having to be actively job hunting.

4. Relationships with your colleagues: Do you feel you don’t click with your colleagues? or your friend at work left to go chase their dream job and you have been left behind? Then why not consider what you want for your career and go and chase your dreams too. Research shows one of the twelve factors that illuminate whether an employee is happy on their job is having a best friend at work. Relationships with co-workers retain employees.

5. Culture, Autonomy and Independence in your job: Do you feel the organisation that you were told about is a true reflection of what they are really like? So often we get sold an ideal organisation at interview only to find once we start that you have been miss sold and feel like you have been cheated on in some way. Do you feel like you don’t get to let your unique style shine in your not given independence? Are you constantly micro managed by your boss? These are all valid reasons to look for a new job.

We all have jobs we feel are not our dream jobs and that’s ok. Some roles will only be a stepping stone to our dream job. A wise mentor I have often says “no bad situation is wasted if you are willing to learn something from the situation and look at what you will do differently next time”. So take this time to reassess your job situation and look at what you want in your next role and learn from the role you are in now.

Let 2015 be the year you take an active step closer to your dream job!