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The Value of Using a Recruitment Agency as an Employer

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2014/11

The Value Of A Using A Recruitment Agency As An Employer Min

I have been working with Employers of Government Departments, Private Companies & Non for Profit organisations for over 8 years to find experienced staff.

So often people have misconceptions about recruitment agencies and the value they add to justify our fees. I often hear from hiring managers “using a recruitment agency is too expensive” or “We already have preferred supplier agreement in place” or they just don’t understand the value we are able to add to the recruitment process.

I would like to take this opportunity to show you what we can do to assist you in hiring the best staff.

No win No fee

Do you know we don’t charge employers a fee unless we find them the preferred employee for their organisation? We will use our own advertising budget, staff time and company infrastructure to find you the best possible match to your vacancy.

There are not many industries where you get the opportunity to reap the rewards of a service without paying a cent unless they fill the job?

I always say to employers there is no cost to see cv’s from us and interview people alongside your own recruitment methods, we only charge a finder’s fee if we successfully find you the preferred applicant.

We are specialists in our field of expertise

A good Recruitment agency will specialise in their area of expertise.

I have been recruiting for the past 8 years in Education, Social Care & Nursing recruitment and I have found a specialised approach to filling employers job vacancies to be crucial in filling job vacancies with success. Like the old saying goes “You don’t want to be a Jack of all trades and master of none”

I pride myself in being an industry leader in the Education & Health Care sectors and  I am honest with employers if they ask me to fill an admin role or payroll person within their organisations that I’m not the person to assist them with those roles.

We recruit for many organisations like yours throughout Australia

We work with many Government Departments & Non for Profits around Australia so if you’re having trouble filling one of the job vacancies you’re not alone, It usually means other similar departments or organisations are struggling too, that’s where we can add value as a recruiter who is specialised in your sector.

We have a database of thousands of Social Workers, Counsellors, Psychologists & Nurses who we can draw upon who may be suitable for your role.

If we don’t have anyone to match your brief we use our expertise to sell your opportunity via social media and online advertising to match the right person to your organisation.

We save you time!

Think about the time & money you, as a hiring manager waste on advertising & then going through hundreds of CV’s, arranging interviews etc. We do all of this for you which means you have saved countless hours of work on this process. We will also only send you cv’s of applicants that match what you have told us you are looking for. On top of this all of our applicants are screened, interviewed & their credentials checked to ensure that they are of the highest quality applicant. Imagine the time you would save in your day only to have a look through applicants who are eligible & well suited to your role.

We match people’s personality and values to match your organisation

So often I hear that the people we have who have applied direct look brilliant on their cv & application but when it comes to interviewing they find that there is a personality clash or values are different to what you need for the organisation.

As much as we recruit for the skill we also recruit the right personality and values that suit your organisation too. This can be a big factor in finding the right fit for your organisation.

As frustrating as it is to be short staffed and dealing with recruitment agencies (we can be a necessary evil at times) there is no reason to give your business to an agency you just don’t click with or who doesn’t really add value to your service.

If we do match people successfully to your vacancy there is a fee involved so I understand you only want to pay for the best on the market. Any good agency will value your time and business and work with you in a consultative way to relieve the stress of recruitment while you get on with your job you really want to do. Next time you need to fill a job vacancy let a specialist recruiter like us at TaylorCare Recruitment work with you in filling your next role after all we are a No win No fee service.