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The Value of Working with a GOOD Recruiter as a Job Seeker

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2014/10

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I have been working in Recruitment for 8 years now and have worked for a variety of Corporate and Boutique agencies in Sydney, Australia and London, United Kingdom. When it comes to working with a recruiter to find your next role, I have learnt over the years that people either “love us” or “Hate us” So why use a recruiter and how do you know if you are dealing with a good one or one who is an all talk and no action average recruiter.

  • We work fulltime on recruiting for people just like you, so we are a specialist in our field and aware of all the jobs available in your sector that could match your skills, personality and experience.  A good recruiter will be experienced in recruiting or working in your sector for a number of years. They will be a specialist in recruiting for your field of work, not a generalist who recruits for anyone and everyone. They are up to speed on all the current employers on the market and can represent you in the best light to that potential employer. A good recruiter can negotiate interviews, do interview preparation with you and edit your cv to best represent you to a potential employer. They also negotiate salary packages and start dates on your behalf so you get the best possible package available.

  • We are always upfront and honest about what we can and cannot do to assist you in your job hunt. Over the years I have heard recruiters tell job seekers that they can get them into every organisation in their field of work. That the job seeker should trust them and they will look after them. Then weeks go by and job seeker has heard nothing. So all the credibility of the recruiter goes out the window. I believe a good recruiter will always be honest and upfront with where they can assist you and where they can’t. The reality is that not all employers can afford to use a recruitment agency. If you are dealing with an honest ethical recruiter they will tell you which organisations they can and can’t get you into. Ideally, the recruiter wants to match you to a role first as we don’t get paid unless you get placed into a job. So it’s in the recruiter’s best interest to work with you first before you find your own job but that doesn’t change the fact that some organisations just won’t work with us to recruit for their job vacancies. So an honest recruiter will always be open and transparent with you with where they can and can’t represent you.

  • We help you to weigh up all available options when looking at different organisations to work for in your next role. An experienced recruiter works with a variety of organisations in your field of expertise they should have placed people into the organisations you are interested in or know someone who has worked there to advise if the organisation is one that would match your experience, expertise and personality fit to the organisation. We can also look at factors such as lifestyle, housing and schools for you and your family if you need to relocate for a role. The process of moving for a role doesn’t just affect you but your whole family who move with you. As a good recruiter, we look at the ‘big picture’ and take a consultative approach to work with you.

Finding a good recruiter is all about customer service & customer care which is highly lacking in a lot of recruitment agencies these days. As an experienced recruiter & the owner of my own recruitment agency, I pride myself in being honest and ethical with all job seekers and employers. This is one of the reasons I started my own business, as I felt there was a lack of agencies with high standards in the industry. I take pride in my approach to business and I ensure anyone who works with my agency feels the same and works to a high standard. We may not be the majority of recruiters but we do work really hard to be the best we can be in all we do and are proud to be known as a “Good” recruiter.