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Be the Change & Raise $$$ for Charity!

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2014/10

Be The Change Raise For Charity Min

I hosted my first charity event through my business TaylorCare Recruitment just over a year ago. We decided to host a “High Tea for Freedom” for the A21 Campaign while launching our Social Care Division. A21 Campaign is actively rescuing women, children and some men from Human Trafficking situations around the world. Having a Corporate Social Responsibility approach in all we do over the past year, little did I know this would be the start of many charity events I would be involved in hosting and be a key part of my business. We now support three main charities through our business and host annual charity events and morning teas for our chosen charities.

The high tea event created a real excitement within a group of my friends. They all decided they also wanted to host charity events this year. From this, I have now been involved with a number of different charity events since TaylorCare’s “High Tea for Freedom”. I wanted to share with you about each of these events:

The first event was a movie night where two of my friends organised to hire out a movie theatre and charge everyone a $37 ticket which included food & ticket for the film. Proceeds from the night went to the A21 Campaign and She Rescue both helping vulnerable women and children.

The Second event, a friend decided to host two dinner parties at his house and charge everyone $50 with the money going straight to the A21 Campaign. This was a very popular option and easy to organise too.

The third event my company TaylorCare Recruitment hosted was a networking event for RUOK Day charity encouraging other business people to network with one another in the city and at the same time raising money for a cause. We hired out a bar in the city and provided drinks and finger food. We allowed people to donate what they felt to give or buy a ticket for the raffle. This was great for creating awareness of mental health in the workplace and how we can all look out for our colleagues, friends and family and ask the simple question, are you ok?

Another event was run by another group of about six friends who decided to raise awareness and much needed funds for Christians affected in Iraq that are homeless. They hosted a quiz night at a local bar for over 220 people and also held an auction for items donated. This was a huge success and we raised a lot of money for the Bible Society to help those in need.

The final event for the year was “Clothes for Life” where a few of my friends decided to get everyone to donate pre-loved clothes and jewellery and then sold them at our local Glebe markets. All money raised went to the A21 Campaign. I helped with selling items and creating awareness for those who come past our market stand. It has been an amazing opportunity to ask and also be a helping hand to colleagues, friends and family and to have them support me in hosting my own events. It has been a great team building and bonding experience too.

It’s been an eventful year and I have seen so many people in my world stand up and practice what they preach about making a difference in our own way and sphere of influence. I’ve seen people step up and really become leaders in situations they wouldn’t normally be. I’ve seen others jump in and help with set up or pack down for various events giving up their own time to help. I’ve seen others struggle under pressure, but come through in the end and be surprised at what they achieved. I’ve personally grown a lot through hosting events through my business, but also helping friends as they host events too. I find it so exciting and rewarding to see all the hard work pay off after each event.

Of all our events we have raised over $20,000 for the charities we have supported. This has been through a lot of hard work and using what we have available to us to make a difference. I want to challenge you, what cause are you passionate about? Could you do something next year to step out of your comfort zone in order to raise awareness or a cause for what you’re passionate about? We can’t all do everything, but we can all do something to make a difference to someone in this world!

A quote we have up in our office below, which challenges me to “Be the change” to people in my world.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

For more information on the charities mentioned check out the links below

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