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Team Work for Charity

By Kate Taylor

Published Date: 2014/09

Teamwork For Charity Taylorcare

The TaylorCare Team recently hosted an RUOK Day Networking Launch Party to business people in our building and Sydney CBD area. The idea came from the fact that we are all so busy working we often forget to acknowledge those around us in our building and local area. We thought there are a lot of small businesses in the building who could get to know each other and utilise each other’s services when required. So we hosted a networking event while raising money and awareness for the RUOK Day Charity.

RUOK Day charity is primarily an awareness campaign to encourage each of us to take an interest in those in our immediate world, and it could be as simple as asking someone ‘how is their day’. Its very easy in a busy office environment to get caught up in your day to day work and forget about those around us. It costs nothing to become an RUOK workplace and simply adopt a workplace culture and mindset that reflects this. This benefits the employer in reducing stress in the workplace and potential sick leave too.

It is said that prolonged or excessive job stress is a risk factor for mental health problems. According to one study, it accounts for 17 per cent of depression in working women and 13 per cent in working men.

The statistics for depression and suicide in Australia are on the rise:

On average, more than 2,400 Australians suicide each year. That’s more than 6 deaths each day
65,000 people attempt suicide each year
Suicide is the greatest cause of death in people aged 24-44 years old

As a workplace we want to make a difference and lead by example of how you can have a RUOK workplace culture. So far we have done the following in the workplace; We encourage each other to look out for others in their team and people they meet around the building. We also encourage health and wellbeing in the workplace by encouraging our staff to take lunch breaks and go to the gym too. This has been great for overall health and productivity in the workplace. We also don’t allow bullying in the workplace. People know if they have a problem with another team member they will address to the person direct, and not talk behind each other’s backs. We also encourage weekly morning teas in the office and end of month social drinks after work. All these things help build for a healthy RUOK workplace. As our business grows our initiatives will grow too.

If you would like to hear more about how we are supporting RUOK Day charity and future events please call the team on 02 98104498 or email also look at the RUOK website on the link