Why YOU ARE unique and you matter in your job!

Posted April 24, 2018

Are you having one of those weeks where you are hating your job and wondering what on earth am I doing here?? Have you got a boss who is driving you crazy or colleagues who just don’t value your input in the workplace? Don’t worry, I totally understand and it’s something I hear all to

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How to set boundaries in your life

Posted April 19, 2018

As some of you know, I have recently become a Community Ambassador for R U OK charity. I was blown away by how being open about what I’m feeling and my mental health journey as a teenager, allowed so many people in my world to open up to me about their own journeys with mental

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How to create Balance and Inner Peace in life

Posted April 11, 2018

I’ve recently been through a season of trying to create more balance in my life and finding my inner peace. I bet you are reading this thinking “come on Kate, how on Earth do we do this with such busy, high pressure lives”.  Well, I can tell you, anyone who knows me knows I live

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Top tips for being a TOP billing Recruiter

Posted March 28, 2018

I have successfully worked in Recruitment for 11 years and have gone through many highs and lows as a recruitment consultant and billing Manager. I recently hit a personal best sales target and highest billing month for my business too. It didn’t just happen over night and did require a lot of work along the

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International Women’s Day 2018

Posted March 8, 2018

Today marks International Women’s Day 2018 and the focus this year is Press for Progress. We are far from Gender Equality and it is something I battle with a times as a woman in business and a mother too. I often feel judged or treated different being a working mum running a business in what

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5 years in business – TaylorCare Recruitment

Posted March 5, 2018

Today marks 5 years in business for TaylorCare Recruitment. I’m amazed how far we have come in this time while we also had our fair share of challenges. Some of them I expected but some really challenged me as a business woman to my core. It seems nothing in life that is worthwhile, ever comes

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RUOK? How to help those struggling with mental health

Posted February 23, 2018

This week I had the privilege to be a part of the RUOK Community Ambassador training for two intense days. I met some amazing people that have all had their own journey of mental health or been affected by a family, friend or co-worker who went through mental health issues. The reality is every 8

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The Power of Communication & Emotional Intelligence in Business

Posted January 23, 2018

I have recently been confronted with a situation with a client where a few miscommunication issues took place. As I worked through the misunderstanding, it got me thinking how much better things would be in life and business if we all communicated more effectively and developed Emotional Intelligence to get a good outcome to some

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New Year- New Goals for 2018

Posted January 11, 2018

Management Planning Day & Self Care by the sea Welcome back to work and 2018 and back into the working year! I had a fantastic break with family and friends and I hope you did too?  I decided to use the last day of my holidays to set my year up for my business and

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